O Que Fazemos

LASS (Adventist Social Solidarity League) is the instrument by which Seventh-day Adventists in Cape Verde affirm their presence on the national social scene at large, not only in their work to alleviate the burdens of all those in need, but also in the exaltation and dissemination of the fundamental values (Gospel of Jesus Christ) for the restoration of the image of our God in Man, the masterpiece of His hands, created in His image and likeness.

Our organization works as a catalyst for all the endeavors (social, cultural and economic) of the Seventh-Day Adventists in Cabo Verde, and as the background for the fulfillment of their mission as Christians in all day-to-day tasks and activities. In this context, LASS strives to ensure a secure livelihood for its constituency all over the country.
LASS' objectives and projects include the creation of successful business ventures (especially coops) with sound management in ways that not only guarantee their future continuity and stability, but also make them permanent assets for the sustenance of both the social work of our Church and the most vigorous preaching of the Present Truth in Cape Verde.

On the other hand, since this restoration of Man in the image of his Creator involves the message of Health Reform (physical, mental and spiritual reform), we also engage in the creation and management of health-promoting structures such as clinics and sanitariums. We also prioritize treatment of addicts and centers for the recovery of the youth in conflict with the law, taking them off the streets so that they can be integrated into society in a productive way.

All this on the understanding that being Cabo Verde one of the poorest nations in the world, and the stated gospel principle that work on behalf of the poor should be discreet, there must be a sound administration of all available resources (will, time and money).

LASS is a national, non-profit, volunteer based institution, responsible for the organization and optimization of those precious resources, gathered within the country and abroad.